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Hardwood Floor Restoration

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation

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  • Wood flooring offers beauty, warmth and increases the property value of your home.
  • Floorman Wood Flooring is able to install, sand and refinish any type of hardwood floors.
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We offer the following services

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  • Remove carpets or any existing floor
  • Installation of baseboard and shoe and/or medallions
  • Installation of sub-flooring (plywood, cork)
  • Installation of wood vents
  • Sanding and Refinishing hardwood floors
  • Custom Staining
  • New Hardwood Installation
  • Repairs
  • Laminate Installation
  • Restoring hardwood floors
  • Installing prefinished brands of flooring or unfinished hardwood
  • Installing prefinished brands of flooring or unfinished hardwood
  • We use only the best woods, finishes and products available on the market today

Test Floors to determine if refinishing is needed

People may not think about this but in order to keep the floors looking as immaculate as possible and to last as long as possible, refinishing them is essential. Wooden floors, over time, start to lose their original finish and this is when refinishing is needed to restore that beautiful finish.

There is a simple way to test your floor in order to see if it needs to be refinished or if it only needs to be cleaned.

Go to a high traffic area of the floor. For example, walkways between rooms or the front of your sink or range in the kitchen. All you need to do is put a small amount of water onto the floor to see if it forms beads, which will mean that the floor is sealed the way that it should be. On the other hand, if the water soaks in straight away, this means that you need to refinish your wooden flooring.

How frequently should I refinish my Hardwood Floors?

Most hardwood flooring needs to be refinished on average every four to five years, depending on the floor’s location, daily traffic and outside elements. If the hardwood floor is located in a part of the house that receives light traffic such as bedrooms, you may be able to wait longer before refinishing your floors. However, if you have a large family and pets and/or the flooring receives heavy daily use, you may have to refinish your floors more frequently.

Signs Your Hardwood Floor Needs Refinishing

Some of the signs that your hardwood floors need refinishing are if the flooring has scratches, dents, cracks or stains. In addition, if some areas of the hardwood floor look duller than other areas, the protective finish on the hardwood floors may have worn off and it will be time to refinish. When you see greyish areas the finish has been compromised and needs to be refinished.

If you are deciding on how a new hardwood floor or color change for your existing floor may look in your home, try this nifty virtual decorator from Mannington.