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Hardwood Floor Installation

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing & Installation

Refinish your hardwood floors to bring the natural beauty back.

We offer many options for your new hardwood floor installations.

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We Specialize in Hardwood Floors

At FloorMan Wood Flooring We take pride in our work. With over 30 years experience you will get the best results for your hardwood flooring project. The job is not complete until you the customer is 100% satisfied. We use the latest techniques and equipment to make your hardwood flooring project successful. All work is 100% Guaranteed. From start to finish you speak with John the owner about any concerns regarding your project. Call or email us today for your free no obligation estimate.

Member of National Wood Flooring AssociationWe install new and repair existing hardwood floors. Unfinished hardwood floors, pre-finished hardwood floors or laminates... we have many to choose from. If you have a damaged section, we can replace it and refinish the whole floor like new. We supply all materials for your project. There are no hidden fees or additional charges. When a price is quoted, it will not change. The quoted price is the price of the project.

Hardwood Floors - Long Lasting Finish

There are multiple steps involved in producing the beautiful effect and long lasting finish that we achieve when refinishing your hardwood floors. All to often these steps are modified to save time and money for the contractor. We have seen the results of not completing these steps when viewing floors for customers that where not satisfied with another contractors work, and know that it's always right to do it the right way, once!

FloorMan Wood Flooring takes a five step approach:

  • Fill all nail holes and cracks
  • Sand floor using up to four separate grits (roughness) of sandpaper.
  • Thoroughly vacuum and use a tack cloth to remove all dust from floor.
  • Apply first coat of polyurethane and allow to dry overnight.
  • Thoroughly screen, vacuum and tack cloth between next two consecutive coats of polyurethane, allowing each coat to dry overnight.

All of these steps are critical to achieve a smooth, rich, long lasting finish to your floors.